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Ph:+57 (1)6014826
St 98 #18-71 2nd floor
Bogotá, Colombia

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Killer Pitch: How to sell your idea to investors


DURATION: 4 hours

SCHEDULE: Saturday, June 22th 2013

From 9 am to 1 pm



Killer Pitch is a training seminar that combines public speaking and presentation skills with the ability to create investor interest, selling an idea and ask for funding for your start-up or endeavor.



The single biggest challenge for start-ups and young businesses is finding the financing and capital to fund their idea and help it grow. The biggest obstacle faced by these entrepreneurs is the ability to communicate their idea and vision in a way that allows venture capitalists and investors to understand and buy into it. Killer Pitch will help entrepreneurs develop the speaking and communication skills needed to sell their idea to investors as well as to their customers.



This training program is intended for entrepreneurs and small business owners as well as anyone interested in creating their own business and want to learn how to sell their idea or are seeking financing to help their business grow.



  • Intermediate comprehension of English
  • Currently an entrepreneur or small business Owner
  • Anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur or small business owner
  • Must have elevator speech
  • Prepare five minute overview of business or idea including:
    • What it is
    • What is the problem you are solving
    • What is the need or demand
    • How is your idea different
    • Why (Why are you doing it, Why should we be interested)
    • Note taking device (Tablet, Smart Phone, Notebook and Pen)



  • Introductions and Elevator speech
  • Overview of program
  • Difference between entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Forms of financing and investment
  • How to find and research investment options and Venture Capital
  • The Business Plan
  • Five minute speech about idea
  • Making the pitch
  • The Close
  • Five minute speech after redo
  • Questions
  • Closing


Matt Rogers


Bio: After receiving my MBA and spending ten years in small business development and relationship development at two multinational banks located in Boston MA I decided I needed a change in my life. Desiring adventure and wanting to living in a rapidly developing city, we chose to move to Bogota. Since my arrival in Bogota I have been involved in education and entrepreneurship working as a consultant and trainer as well as teaching Entrepreneurship at CESA. It is my passionate belief that the two ways to develop a country and create opportunities are through education and entrepreneurship. I strive to help create opportunities for budding entrepreneurs by assisting with strategies and developing the soft skills such as communication and leadership that are needed to create successful endeavors in Colombia.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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