In HubBOG, we mentor entrepreneurs to transform ideas in sales by Internet, and exponential sales in Investment.
As “Campus for Startups”, we have assisted more than 200 companies for 8 years, so they can fail fast and cheap in their way to innovate.

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Our History


HubBOG was created in 2008 with the purpose to connect entrepreneurs and investors through the Networking Event called “BogoTech”.

Two years later, it opens its Coworking Space renowned for concentrate Talent, Teamwork and Networking from people worldwide interest on innovation and digital development.

During the same year, started to train entrepreneurs interested to increase sales by internet in it practical courses.

In 2011, starts to provide mentor accompaniment from business men expert on digital and technologic industry, and found his private Angel Investors Club, which has allowed to graduate more than 140 startups that are growing in LATAM Market like: Tappsi, TransmiSITP,, LentesPlus and Undertrail, among some.